36 days of type

Transforming type into art, one letter at a time

A 36 Day global challenge where artists design a letter or number for each day

Originally this contest began by Spanish designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, the project is a celebration of individuality within the art of typography; each participant puts their own uniquely creative spin on the same symbols.

I had seen other artists I love participating in the challenge on Instagram with incredible results. There were some easy days where I was particularly inspired and the designs came easily, or days when I had more free time to tinker with designs. Of course, on the not-so-inspired or overextended days, I was glad for the public nature of the 36 Day Challenge holding my feet to the fire — I had committed to posting every day, and would have been disappointed if I had broken the chain!

I had to throw down with my best arsenal to create these letters varying between Oculus Medium, Google Tiltbrush, Processing, Unity, Keyshot, and good old Illustrator .

More info at www.36daysoftype.com