The Fourth

Let Set the World on Fire

Geotem Effigy for Disorient’s Country Club

“Disorient Country Club is deep chilling with Disorient”. This radically inclusive event welcomes participation and self-expression from all its attendees. It’s a celebration of art, music, and performance deep in Catskill woods. The culmination of these shenanigans is a burn of a version (different each time) of Geodesic Temple. I was lucky to design and build the sculpture along with Alexander Savich and Fixx Invictus. The only design rule was that the temple had to consist out of 4 octahedrons since it was a fourth year of the event.

The 10ft tall scupture was illuminated by sound reactive LEDs that outlined the edges of each octahedron.

Size and Material Calculations

Simas and Lowroad Connectors

“Geodesic Temple is a modular system that uses the octahedron as a building block to create self-supporting structures.” Octahedrons ( one of the 5 platonic solids) have a lot of symbolic power, they are visually complex and fundametally simple. To simplify the wood assembly and connection of octahedras into a single sculpture we have used the Simas and the Lowroad connectors respectively, specifically designed for these purposes and both named after their designers.

Lowroad Connectors

The Burn

The Geodesic Temple serves as a symbol of reflection, Burning ritual help us think about the past and the things we would like to leave behind. By departing from our past we make room inside for new experinces and chapters in our life.

Temple’s design allowed for an even distribution of wooden logs throught the structure. which added to longevity and beauty of its Burn.