Panorama Lamp

a tribute to monumental Soviet architecture.

Panorama lamp is an interactive light sculpture inspired by a soviet movie theatre.

The Panorama lamp is a tribute to monumental Soviet architecture. Inspired by the colossal concrete curves and extraordinary aesthetics of USSR structures, this lamp is a miniature replica of a Soviet movie theatre. The surface of the lamp is divided into 70 units, creating a 360-degree visual grid. Each unit encompasses an LED that forms a vast “canvas” for various interactions, light sequences, and data visualizations. The lamp is interactive and can be controlled via Leap motion controller. The LEDs are driven by the FadeCandy controller, which itself is run by Raspberry Pi.

Framework kit with no glue or nails

This project was a collaboration with Alexander Savich (engineer) and Paul Koch (3D modeler and product designer). Through an iterative process, we were able to create a framework for the lamp that doesn’t use any glue or nails. The lamp assembly is relatively simple and fast. Each piece has multiple grooves that allow it to interlock with adjacent pieces forming a rigid and stable base structure for the LEDs and outer frame.

The lamp was exhibited at Maker Faire and NYC Resistor’s Interactive show.